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Leasing Basics

The Total Cost of Ownership


Shopping for your next printer, copier, scanner, or multifunction device means looking at more than just the price of the hardware. It means understanding available add-ons, print speeds, your own expectations of workloads, and so much more. Because the final ...

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Should I lease or should I buy, now?


Your business needs a copier. It’s just a fact of having an office. But whether or not you should buy the machine outright or spread the costs out over time with a lease – well, that depends on your individual ...

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What Determines Your Copier Leasing Costs

Factors Affecting Copier Leasing Costs

There are a lot of factors affecting copier leasing costs. Since copier leasing is one of the most important options for businesses either restricted by budget or who choose not to financially extend themselves in this area, it’s imperative to ...

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Lease Copier Machines Like a Pro

lease copier machine

You may know you want to lease copier machines in your office (if you don’t check out our article on Leasing vs. Buying a Copier), but do you know what comes next? A lot of businesses and professionals looking to lease ...

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Leasing vs. Buying a Copier

Lease vs buy a copier

When it comes time to lease a larger office copier, scanner or other multifunction device…or perhaps even two or three, you want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a lease. And you WILL be presented with lease options. It’s ...

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