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Factors Affecting Copier Leasing Costs

What Determines Your Copier Leasing Costs

There are a lot of factors affecting copier leasing costs. Since copier leasing is one of the most important options for businesses either restricted by budget or who choose not to financially extend themselves in this area, it’s imperative to understand both the process and the details. Businesses seeking to grow their productivity will often use a copier lease to preserve capital and/or purchase a larger machine than would otherwise be possible. While copier leasing is beneficial for small and medium size businesses, even larger businesses can benefit by saving on larger-scale operational and capital investments.

There are different types of leases to explore, and understanding them will allow you to get the right deal and equipment to help streamline your business operations. In most cases, copier lease contracts vary both in the details and the copier lease rates (typically charged “per click”), so it’s important to study them well before signing any agreement. Lease options also typically vary in the length of the contract periods—something you’ll want to understand and match to how long you intend to keep your particular leased model. Understanding each of these details is imperative prior to committing to the contract.

What Determines Your Copier Leasing Costs

How much does it cost to lease a copier? Well, this is a common question which might not have a definite answer. The cost of leasing a copier varies from one leasing company to the other. There are some common factors, however, that will affect the cost of leasing regardless of the company you are dealing with. The most important thing is to always check the details specified before signing the leasing contract to ensure you understand everything clearly. These include:

Copier Features

Copier machines come with different features and, depending on your needs, you will have to consider which are necessary (or contributing towards business productivity) before signing the contract. The amount of money charged for the lease typically takes the form of cost per click—a cost charged per copy or print made by the machine (each machine has built-in counters, very much like the odometer in a car). Features affect cost. Some copiers, for example, offer color printing and full duplexing. Your costs for color will be different than black and white printing, and duplex printing will rack up costs at twice the rate as single-sided printing (though at likely the same rate as two single-sided pages).

Leasing period

The length of your contract will also affect copier leasing rates. Just like leasing an automobile, short term leases on copiers or printers are normally more expensive than long term leases. Leasing companies want a long term relationship with your business, and they will drop your “per click” (per printed page) rate accordingly. As part of your lease considerations, you might need to think about this as a way of cost savings and commit to a longer term for the long term benefits. You also want to take into account your need for staying current with the latest technologies. If upgrading sooner to a faster machine will contribute towards your productivity, then planning for an earlier upgrade may be a tactical business decision to help you in the long run.

Maximum Paper Size and Page Numbers

The maximum paper size you intend to copy or print on will also play a role in the amount you pay for copier leasing. For example, a company that prints to a lot of tabloid (11 x 17) paper will likely be charged more than one whose printing and copying is largely constrained to legal and letter size. As part of your calculations you will also have to consider the number of colored and black & white copies you intend or plan to print per month on the various sizes of paper stock.

When preparing to lease a copier or printer, it’s important to do your math carefully and make sure that the equipment of choice will meet your business needs without failing you. Always remember, while the cost of most copier maintenance and repair should be a part of the copier lease rates, paper and some other consumables will likely not be. Always go through the contract carefully to understand each and every detail provided.

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