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Shopping for and Buying the Best Multifunction Inkjet Printer

While purchasing a laser multifunction printer may seem like a smart move for any office or business, inkjet printers are much cheaper and they produce excellent quality, especially when it comes to printing color graphics. Getting the best multifunction inkjet printer is a matter of honing on on the model that delivers the best quality and efficiency when dealing with various office needs—including printing, photocopying, scanning, and faxing. Buying a laser multifunction printer may seem like the best way to save money and space in your office, but inkjet offers many other benefits that you can realize in terms of speed, color reproduction, low cost, and efficiency.

Advantages of Inkjet Multifunction Printers


It is easy to get the best multifunction inkjet printer at a very low price today. Compared to laser multifunction printers, inkjets are normally cheaper to purchase, and this is something that makes them favorite among many business and office owners. A disadvantage you should note is that, in the long run, maintaining inkjet devices could prove to be a little bit more pricey as opposed to the laser counterparts. On the whole, ink costs more than toner on a per-page basis, though some models are challenging that stereotype with innovative print head designs that drive down the cost per page to equal or beat toner-based systems.

They are Light in Weight

One of the biggest advantages of an inkjet printer over a laser multifunction printer is size. Laser printers are, in general, bigger and heavier as opposed to their inkjet counterparts. You simply have more parts to deal with: a drum, toner cartridges, fusers…the list goes on. One way to deal with the problem of space is by buying the best multifunction inkjet printer for your office that will give you the functionality you need. Inkjet printers can now give you quality results—rivaling laser MFPs—but at the same time they can help you solve the equation of space and weight.

Wireless Printing

One of the latest innovations is printing from your mobile device, but wireless printing may also mean that you’re just interested in printing to a printer than isn’t hardwired to the network. Perhaps you can’t easily drop a line or you’re in temporary quarters. In those situations it’s easy to do your printing wirelessly without connecting your printer to the wall or another PC. The best multifunction inkjet printer should be able to provide you with wireless network connectivity, making it easy for you to print or scan your documents from any room or office. Built-in wireless networking is starting to be a feature that many new all-in-one printers are including today, making it easier than ever to share a device with others within your business or office workgroup.

High Quality Prints

As a business or office operator, the best multifunction inkjet printer can absolutely help you achieve the highest quality prints at the lowest possible hardware cost. All-in-one inkjet printers are designed to produce document prints with resolutions ranging from 600 to 1200 dpi (dots per inch). Even more than resolution and quality, however, inkjet simply handles photos and gradients with much more consistency and smoothness than most toner-based systems. High quality prints don’t necessarily need to cost you all that much, either. While you can print a wide variety of documents and images using both inkjet and laser multifunction printers, inkjet will typically be your go-to-product when a majority of your printing tasks involve photos or full-color color graphics.

Ease of Use

Advances in technology are making inkjet printers just as easy—if not easier—to integrate into office environments as laser products. While inkjet is just starting to get into the enterprise market, most applications involve a single-user desktop installation. A quick survey of business level inkjet and laser multifunction printer reviews reveal that users find both styles to be easy-to-use with guaranteed fast printing results. The difference is that inkjet printers, on the whole, are far less expensive to acquire on the front end—though cost per page may end up being higher. It’s important to research how you intend to use your multifunction color printer so you can best determine whether its functions and features meet your needs. For quick color brochure prints that can keep you in the office and out of the printshop, color inkjet MFPs are hard to beat.


While we do our own reviews, looking at online customer reviews while you are shopping for the best multifunction inkjet printer will fill you in on what others have to say about any particular brand or model. They may not test in exactly the way a professional reviewer might, but ease of use and reliability is almost always expressed in online consumer reviews. Analyzing your desired features, the way you intend to use the printer, and your particular workgroup needs will go a long way towards avoiding unnecessary stress and confusion when making your inkjet or laser multifunction printer selection.

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