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Laser Printer Health Tips

If you’re considering purchasing a laser printer for your office, there are a few health issues raised by a study in 2007 by Queensland University of Technology that you should consider. This study states that laser printers and copiers emit toner dust and volatile organic compounds that are harmful and cause cancer, lung issues, and a host of other health issues that can vary from a runny nose to asthma. So far, the study shows that these compounds and dusts are emitted by these printers but it is unclear if prolonged or intermittent exposure puts users at risk.  Here are some helpful tips to employ in an effort to reduce your risk if you are purchasing or have purchased a laser printer:

  • When handling toner use a dust mask and gloves
  • To appropriately remove dust build-up with a vacuum, make sure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with filters suitable to remove dust particles
  • Place the laser printer  in a room with good ventilation
  • Consider proximity – move printers to an unoccupied area or away from people
  • Minimize usage of laser printing overall
  • Consider purchasing low-emission printers
  • Service printers regularly and have filters professionally changed when possible
  • Consider adding plant-life or fans to the office or area where printers are located to improve air quality

For more information on this study visit, PDF Case study from Queensland University of Technology.

For more on this topic visit, Brief Review on Health Effects of Laser Printer Emissions.

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