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Saving with Refillable and Recycled ink cartridges

There are two ways to refurbish a printer cartridge; a cartridge can be simply refilled or it can be re-manufactured. Deciding on which one will work better for your needs will depend on what type of printing will be done. Printing pages for personal reading or forms will require a different quality than a display sheet or a presentation with photographs. The color and quality differences would be noticeable, and switching the cartridges from an original to a refill or recycled ink cartridge can be done when necessary – though it’s probably not desirable in the end. Keeping in mind the primary use of a particular machine, print management software can be implemented to better serve business needs while easily directing print jobs to particular printers in an office or network setting to best take advantage of refillable ink printers.

With that in mind, recycled inks can save up to 90 percent over the price of new cartridges making this a great way to save on overhead costs. But monetary saving is not the only component that has users moving to refillable inks. Eco-advantages like biodegradable components and less paper-waste make this option highly valued by individual users, especially.

Ink refill kits for printers are inexpensive, can be purchased in bulk, and are available with manuals or links to video instructions on how to fill cartridges. The sizes and methods can vary and there are videos for almost every cartridge model available.

Manufactures like HP encourage users to purchase new ink cartridges. Aside from the company profits gained by such statements, they also inform customers that prints are more reliable and printers perform better overall with longer lifespans. Printers and new cartridges are calibrated to prevent clogging of the nozzles and are tested to ensure a clear and sharp image output. Some manufacturers keep ecological benefits in mind when creating new cartridges by utilizing recycling components in the manufacturing process. These are tested and guaranteed by the manufacturers which can be a good compromise for customers.

The quality of refillable inks are still questioned today when done by individuals. However, there are products that are designed, planned and developed through a careful process of study and analysis by manufacturers that can help not only lower costs, but also have a positive impact on the environment. To see if your manufacturer participates in this recycled cartridge program you may need to visit the individual manufacturer website… though info is often found on the packaging of new ink cartridges. Leave a comment below if your printer manufacturer uses recycled cartridges or if you’re preference is to do-it-yourself with ink refill kits.

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  2. By refilling the ink cartridge can save lot of money. Sometimes it goes up to 85%. I have an HP 650A (CE273A) toner. Could you please tell me do i refill my cartridge and also is there any online company who offers refill cartridge in online.
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