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How to Move your MFP

How to Move Your Office MFP

When it comes to moving office equipment, most err on the side of caution…. Bubble-wrapping everything. While that’s a bit excessive, wrapping your copier or MFP is just the start of what you should consider.

Before even touching the topic on moving your MFP, it’s important to keep a couple things in mind for general office moves:

  1. This is a great time to clear out old files and purge all storage areas of unneeded items prior to moving.
  2. Consider scanning any paper documents that are no longer needed and dispose of unwanted files securely.
  3. Electronic storage, (or archiving), of documentation is a flexible, safe and cost-effective solution to free up valuable and more costly office space. Most Electronic Document Management Software will not only store your documentation but many include functions for security and compliance and a host of efficiency-minded features to help your business overall.

bubble wrap your mfp

When it comes to “THE BIG MOVE” all office machines or equipment should be serviced by a professional and they should be notified of your upcoming relocation goals. Most companies have service or leasing agreements that make this necessary to insure compliance. Your service professional will likely take care of many aspects of your devices move… but there are also instances where you don’t have a service professional at all or have simply been tasked with getting the ball rolling. When that’s the case, generally speaking you’ll need to detach all accessories and attachments. Best practice is to ensure they are safely secured and placed into a plastic bag or box. Each bag or box should be labeled with the location’s move number to help ensure it gets paired back with the right machine at your new location.

  • Here’s some more quick tips for the “The Big Move”. Before the move, print a configuration page from the device and keep a copy on the copier glass or platen.
  • Power down and unplug the copier. Detach all network cables; wind the cable properly and secure. A personal favorite are Velcro Cable Management Ties as they are easy to use, versatile after a move, and generally inexpensive.
  • Wait at-least 30 minutes for the copier to cool down before removing any consumables from the device.
  • Remove the toner cartridges and shrink wrap them individually or use a zip-lock type bag for each one. Doing this will avoid a mess when the MFP is tilted.
  • Remove accessories, most copiers have additional paper trays, finishers or sorters.
  • Secure the Automatic Document Feeder on the top of the copier by taping it down.
  • Level feet or wheels. Bubble wrap the MFP
  • If your MFP is leased, you should notify the leasing company of the new address. This is a mandatory requirement on all copier leases. Get an insurance certificate from your moving company in case any damage occurs during the move… You never know!

Moving a whole office can be tricky, but at least you know that you’re doing the right thing to move your office’s MFP. Bubble-Wrap and all.

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