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Xerox Phaser 4622 printer

Xerox Phaser 4622 Printer Preview

The Xerox Phaser 4622 printer handles black-and-white prints at speeds up to 65 ppm (pages per minute). This is a nice workgroup model that looks perfect for the medium-sized business, or to handle a particular group of employees (say, the accounts receivable department). The Xerox Phaser 4622 printer also does its job while maintaining a pretty reasonable price. Starting at $1,199, this printer is a real value product that should see a lot of sales for those looking to replace their aging black and white models. For a couple hundred dollars more you can pick up the 4622/DT which adds a second 500-sheet tray.

The Xerox Phaser 4622 printer (both the 4622/DN and 4622/DT) are rated to print 65 ppm with a first-page-out time of just under 8 seconds. The monthly duty rating is 275,000 pages, and the Phaser 4622 was designed to be exceptionally quiet. It supports Apple AirPrint out of the box which makes it fully iOS-compatible and able to print from any Mac-based tablet or smartphone.

Xerox Phaser 4622 printer front


Xerox Phaser 4622 Printer Options

Xerox Phaser 4622 finisherThe Xerox Phaser 4622 has a lot of flexibility. Add in an optional 500-sheet finisher and you can staple up to 50 sheets simultaneously. Both models also support two-sided duplex printing with an automatic reverser. Finally, the drum and toner cartridge are separate—something we’re seeing a lot more of these days. That means you don’t pay for and discard a perfectly good roller every time you change out the toner cartridge. The drum is rated for as many as 80,000 prints.

Parts and Available Options

  • 097N01874 550-Sheet Tray Module $250
  • 097N01875 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder With Printer Stand $750
  • 097N01876 Finisher; 500 Sheet, 50 Sheet Stapler $499
  • 097N01877 4 Bin Mailbox; 400 Sheets, 100 Sheets X 4 $499
  • 097N01878 512MB Memory $719
  • 097N01880 Internal Wireless (802.11 B/G/N) Option, Phaser 4600/4620/4622 $199
  • 097N01916 Printer Stand $199
  • 097N02157 320GB Hard Disk

 Xerox Phaser 4622 printer tall

Consumables Cost

One thing we also really like about the Xerox Phaser 4622 printer is that it has a low per-page consumables cost. With a max capacity of 30,000 pages, you also don’t need to change out the toner very often—which makes for more productivity.

  • 106R01533 Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge, Phaser 4600/4620/4622 13,0001 $219.99
  • 106R01535 High Capacity Toner Cartridge, Phaser 4600/4620/4622 30,0001 $349.99

For more information about the Phaser 4622 printer’s features and available configurations and options, visit the Xerox.com product page.

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