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Toshiba e-STUDIO287csl

Toshiba e-STUDIO287csl and e-STUDIO347csl Color MFPs

New color MFPs are hitting the market almost faster than we can post about this, but two caught my eye this week, the Toshiba e-STUDIO287csl and Toshiba e-STUDIO347csl color MFPs. These two new color multifunction printers are designed for SMBs (small-to-mid-size businesses) who want affordable and brisk color and monochrome desktop multifunction performance. They’re also designed to run quiet—something that is becoming more and more important in office environments. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 287csl puts out nearly 30 pages per minute (ppm) in print or copy mode, and the Toshiba e-STUDIO 347csl does 35 ppm.

Both printers incorporate LED technology to produce excellent digital image quality and crisp text at a very affordable price point. (The e-STUDIO287csl/347csl begins at just $2,899.) Toshiba’s latest e-STUDIO MFPs integrate e-BRIDGE technology for cloud and mobile printing and scanning. It even has some of the other management utilities found in the company’s larger enterprise-level models.

What’s the Deal with e-BRIDGE?
Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Open Platform is a flexible, open software architecture that lets solution partners create customized MFP software applications to meet their specific business needs. By making Toshiba MFPs integrate more easily with multiple third-party application providers, these MFPs can run software such as e-BRIDGE Re-Rite, Microsoft Sharepoint, Exchange and others.

The new Toshiba e-STUDIO287csl and e-STUDIO347csl Color MFPs (as well as their other SMB-level products) support and work in compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense’s stringent security requirements. These include Toshiba’s Self-Encrypting Drive with Automatic Data Invalidation, which meets the U.S. Federal Information processing Standard 140-2. This system all but eliminates the chance of someone accessing data on the drive, even if it is removed and slaved to another device. Another security feature added to the new e-STUDIO models is Secure PDF, allowing users to password protect confidential documents.

These look like great new multifunction printers that provide an excellent bang for their buck. We’ll look forward to getting one in for review in the near future so we can try it out in-house. For more information visit the Toshiba business website.

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