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DocPath® Presents PrintApp™: Mobile Document Printing Solution

DocPath®, a multinational document software provider, has recently presented their brand
new mobile document printing solution: PrintApp™.

PrintApp™ allows you to print any business-critical document over the Internet or a corporate network from any mobile device running Android™, including all smartphones and tablets.

The mobile app, available on the Google Play Store, lets you remotely print any document in a variety of formats, like PDF or DOC, from any mobile device anywhere.

It includes an integrated file explorer to efficiently browse through all your documents and it uses Android’s native printing service, so you’re not required to open the application to print anything.

PrintApp™ also features a central service linked to the corporate network servers, enabling the corporation to receive and process all printing requests so they’re securely sent to all the PrintApp-enabled printers within the corporate networked. Another benefit of using PrintApp™, is its centralized management of user profiles, all printers, and print jobs, allowing the corporation to control every aspect of the workflow, making it a viable mobile printing application.

In conclusion, DocPath® PrintApp™ is a mobile document printing solution that has the features and advantages required to be an easy-to-use software for organizations and their employees to quickly print any important document, meeting all the remote printing needs of an organization, while maintaining security and efficiency as their priorities.

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