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OKI Data Drivve document management

OKI Data Announces Drivve Image and Print Document Management Solutions

Document management is clearly a big topic and a huge concern for businesses looking to streamline how they store, retrieve and archive information. OKI Data took a big step this week when they announced that they’ll be making available embedded versions of the Drivve | Image image capture and Drivve | Print print tracking solutions for their OKI Multifunction Printers (MFPs). This was  part of a global distribution agreement and the embedded systems are expected to be made available worldwide, though this morning’s announcement came from OKI Data America.

OKI Data mc770Drivve is one of many document management solutions on the market that allows users to not only store and retrieve information in a more automated sense, but also provide tracking and reporting for OKI Data users. Drivve offers image capture and processing plus print and output management, and those options are enabled with security protocols as mandated by many of today’s companies and integrations.

At its core, the Drivve suite, comprised of software modules, will use the MFPs to digitize hard copy documents and route them to a content management system for storage and retrieval. Where possible, automation is provided for consistency and accuracy and encryption ensures the security of all scanned documents. The advantage of integrated software, of course, is that the MFP can now interact with your company’s document infrastructure right from the workstation and without interrupting or deferring your workflow.

OKI smart MFPs and Drivve solutions help streamline and improve business processes by optimizing the document lifecycle from image capture and processing to print and output management. OKI Data Americas is pleased to offer the Drivve suite of solutions to our customers in conjunction with our MFP products to enhance their usability, document management, tracking, reporting and security. 

– Carl Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for North America at OKI Data Americas

As more and more MFP manufacturers continue to partner with and integrate document management software into their products, we’re seeing a greater adoption in the use of these systems company-wide. This recent move by OKI Data is a good one and we’ll keep our eyes open for additional announcements from other software providers and digital imaging product manufacturers.

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