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Perceptive Media Connector

Perceptive Media Connector

Perceptive Software launched its Perceptive Media Connector software this week which allows Perceptive Content customers to capture, store and manage media files. It works with large files and does so securely and with an attention on ease-of-use. The Perceptive Media Connector software uses a cloud-based content capture and management system that also allows users to access video content within the Perceptive Content client interface.

The Media Connector basically extends the ECM capabilities of Perceptive Content to include rich media files right alongside other content in the Perceptive Media cloud service—all served via a fault-tolerant content delivery network (CDN). You can capture, store, access and view rich media in the same way you might view traditional electronic content such as scanned images, emails or other documents.

Because more and more businesses are integrating video and other rich media files into their day to day operations and content deliver needs, Perceptive Media Connector was developed to unify the process. Examples include universities who are incorporating video into the teaching and even admissions process as well as healthcare organizations who utilize clinical video content in patient records and training. Insurance companies are also increasingly using video in the customer claims process, and corporations are adding video training to new hire processes and procedures. Even governments are communicating with constituents more and more via video.

“Perceptive Media Connector was designed to solve the unique technological challenges presented by our customers’ increased use of rich media content. Perceptive Media Connector allows our customers to easily incorporate video content directly into relevant business processes, eliminating the need to download and store large files on premises and enabling the enforcement of appropriate governance.”

– Brian Anderson, chief technology officer, Perceptive Software

For more information on the Perceptive Media Connector, check out the Perceptive Software website.

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