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Xerox Print Services

Xerox PrintAssist Services Helps IT

Xerox debuted a new cloud-based plug-in this week. It integrates the company’s printer discovery and monitoring capabilities alongside Tampa-based LabTech Software’s remote monitoring and management platform. The end result is a dashboard-driven system that aggregates all of the information needed to manage an office’s printing needs. PrintAssist proactively identifies potential issues like paper jams and low consumable levels (paper, toner, etc) for all networked printers and multifunction devices in an office. The system is manufacturer independent, so it works with all brands.

This system seems to fit the needs of offices and businesses looking to merge their document imaging management needs into their IT departments. As more and more of these network issues converge, products like Xerox PrintAssist Services start to make a lot of sense and help increase productivity and IT workflow—or just take away the issues of having to manage each machine manually and get those tasks better integrated into their existing IT infrastructure teams.

“The market is ripe for solutions providers to enhance their service offerings – and that can be done by managing print. Xerox PrintAssist Services is another example of how we help partners expand their profitable revenue by connecting our technology and services so they can simplify their customers’ everyday business processes.”

– Douraid Zaghouani, president, Channel Partner Operations, Xerox Technology


  • Xerox PrintAssist provides accurate, detailed and automatic discovery and monitoring of most SNMP-enabled networked printers regardless of the manufacturer.
  • A single dashboard to help centrally manage and streamline print monitoring provides up-to-date information on the status of print devices. You can instantly see the status of all devices with a red, yellow or green designation. Detailed information such as supplies levels and print volumes, as well as comprehensive asset information including software/firmware version, IP address, model, serial number and manufacturer are also available.
  • Alerts are integrated with LabTech’s ticketing system. Simply right click on a device listing to instantly populate the ticket form with relevant data.
  • Xerox PrintAssist installs in 5 minutes and deploys in less than 15 minutes for each client from start-to-finish for the entire network (on average in a less than 50 user environment).
  • No printer or security expertise is required.


  • Expand Your Business with Print Services – Xerox PrintAssist gives you and your IT business a new opportunity to increase competitiveness, expand your relationship with existing clients and bring in new business. You can quickly develop recurring revenue streams, save time and increase client satisfaction. Turn those printer problem calls into a revenue generating service.
  • Differentiate and Defend Your Business from the Competition – Differentiate and defend your business from the competition by being the single provider monitoring assets on the network, including printers. Printers don’t have to be managed by someone else. They’re another asset on the network which is your area of expertise.
  • Be the Trusted Advisor to Your Clients – Be the trusted advisor to your clients with minimum investment; consult and support decision-making with facts. Develop insights about your clients’ environments with detailed printer information, including print volume metrics for each device.
  • Save Time Troubleshooting Printer Problems – Save time troubleshooting printer problems with automated alerts that indicate incidents. You can proactively see any new printer added to the network.
  • Enable Greater Satisfaction and Uptime – Enable greater satisfaction and printer uptime for your clients with proactive notification. Users don’t need to call in faults.

Productivity is always gained when you can perform remote monitoring of services like this and avoid having to go on-site or manage products independently. Service providers in particular are really going to see the business value of managing print peripherals and with a product like Xerox PrintAssist Services.

For more information visit Xerox.

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