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Ricoh Smart Device Connector NFC

Ricoh Smart Device Connector App in New MFPs

Ricoh Americas launched an interesting new line of black and white MFPs (multifunction printers) that allow you to fully control them via smartphone or tablet. These new products specifically target the mid-to-large-size workgroups, and these new features further a push we’ve seen lately to integrate the proliferation of smart phones and tablets with a desire for an easy to use copier interface. The three models include the Ricoh MP 2554 (25 ppm), Ricoh MP 3054 (30 ppm), and Ricoh MP 3554 (35 ppm). They use the new Ricoh Smart Device Connector app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. With the app, users can walk up to an MFP and operate it by using either a QR code or the NFC tag on the MFP’s optional Smart Operation Panel. This means you can print, scan, copy or fax using your smart phone or tablet—all with an easy-to-use interface, settings, and preferences you configure.

The company even gives some cool examples of how the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app might be utilized in the real world. A doctor could place an X-ray on the glass top of a compatible MFP and the image could then scan straight to their smartphone or tablet. A simpler use would be someone in sales or marketing printing directly from their smartphone to an MFP in their office or a client’s. Quickly emailing ideas, drawings, or documents to contacts on your phone are also possible.

Ricoh Smart Device Connector app


Ricoh Smart Device Connector App

What this software does is maximize the pocket computer that most people are carrying around and working on already—their smartphone or tablet. Now your personal device can serve as your own front-end interface for the office MFP—both yours and your clients, provided they use a compatible Ricoh model. We’re noticing many users hate the overly complex interfaces present with modern MFPs and simply want to get documents and scans to and from the right places as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Adding to the Ricoh Smart Device Connector App, the company’s optional Smart Operation Panel can be used with the Ricoh MP 2554, Ricoh MP 3054, or Ricoh MP 3554. It offers a very similar interface with features like pinch, flick, and swipe navigation—all on a 10.1-inch Super VGA surface. It’s designed to simplify copying, scanning, and faxing, and even provides an integrated Web browser to get you to the Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE).

Don’t Forget the Other MFP Features

Resolution for these new products is up to 1,200 dpi, and you can order a Stapleless Finisher which binds up to five sheets of paper together without the use of metal wire.

Pricing and Availability

These new models replace the RICOH MP 2553, MP 3053, and MP 3353 and are available at authorized dealers now. Pricing is:

  • Ricoh MP 2554 – $6,400
  • Ricoh MP 3054 – $8,350
  • Ricoh MP 3554 – $9,880

For details on Ricoh’s full lineup of products, visit www.ricoh-usa.com.

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