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Sharp Cloud Portal Office

Sharp Cloud Portal Office

We got to take a look at the Sharp Cloud Portal Office (CPO), a new way to distribute, share, and work on documents and files from anywhere via the cloud. It’s designed to facilitate collaboration within and between organizations and businesses, both in terms of site-to-site, and remote document management and retrieval. For example, you could scan a paper document into Cloud Portal Office from a local MFP, or send it there via a desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet. To do that, you just log in with your user name and password. But since the system is user-based and resides in the cloud, scanning the documents is possible from any Sharp MFP in your office or anywhere else for that matter.

Cloud Access Goes Both Ways

Remember that document you scanned? It’s now saved in Cloud Portal Office and can be accessed from virtually anywhere. You can access the document from, for example, the Sharp Cloud Portal Office via a Sharp AQUOS board, or you could retrieve, edit, and re-save the files directly from the cloud. You could even have them printed from a compatible Sharp MFP—whether at your office location or somewhere else. And when you’re done, you can save it as a PDF back to the cloud for you or someone else. Also if you have a client or guest who brings files to the meeting, but doesn’t have an account, you can give them temporary guest access.


Sharp Cloud Portal Office as Remote Storage

Sharp CPOIf you’re out of your office and need to work on a file, you can start the Cloud Portal Office app from your smart phone and access your files and folders instantly. Viewing and even modifying documents from Cloud Portal Office is simple—you just open them and edit. Then, just save it back to Cloud Portal Office again when you’re done.

The potential for collaboration and sharing of information, not to mention the ability to access guest files and participatory contributions, is incredible. Any public computer with an Internet connection will let you access Cloud Portal Office online and view, download, and share documents. You can even add and remove users, set notifications, and manage files and permissions as needed—right in the cloud interface.

Regarding MFPs, Sharp’s modern devices can not only upload scanned and printed files to the cloud, they can also retrieve and reproduce any document saved or modified into Cloud Portal Office, giving you a way to output your changed documents easily and simply. Combined with Sharp’s built-in hard drive security protocols, this is a great solution for securely sharing and retrieving documents when you’re the road.

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