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Nuance acquired NSi

Nuance Acquired NSi for MFP Capture Space

Most people are familiar with Nuance, if only for its voice-to-text software. It’s also the “man behind the curtain” for Apple’s Siri iPhone-based voice recognition system. This week, Nuance acquired NSi (Notable Solutions, Inc), its primary competitor for MFP capture. This ...

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How to Use a Copy Machine

How to Use a Copy Machine or MFP

A photocopier or copy machine isn’t exactly new technology to most small business owners. Nearly everyone has to spend some amount of money in order to purchase a copier to complete day-to-day business tasks. Still, interacting with a photocopier can ...

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Factors Affecting Copier Leasing Costs

What Determines Your Copier Leasing Costs

There are a lot of factors affecting copier leasing costs. Since copier leasing is one of the most important options for businesses either restricted by budget or who choose not to financially extend themselves in this area, it’s imperative to ...

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