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HP Officejet Enterprise X585dn

HP Officejet Enterprise X585dn Review

When HP flew me out to see their facilities in June of this year, I had a chance to hear about their newest Officejet Enterprise X system, the workgroup version of their popular Officejet X line of MFPs (multifunction printers). ...

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How to Save on Printing Costs

How to Save on Printing Costs

I don’t know of any business that can’t stand to save on printing costs. Amortizing what you spend on paper, toner and other consumables can easily add up to amounts that could be better spent on infrastructure, staffing or process ...

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Nuance acquired NSi

Nuance Acquired NSi for MFP Capture Space

Most people are familiar with Nuance, if only for its voice-to-text software. It’s also the “man behind the curtain” for Apple’s Siri iPhone-based voice recognition system. This week, Nuance acquired NSi (Notable Solutions, Inc), its primary competitor for MFP capture. This ...

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